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Fairmont Summer School 2020 

 100% remote learning


Use Summer to Get Ahead!

Fairmont Prep’s Summer Program is open to the public and offers an expansive list of rigorous, relevant, and engaging for-credit UC-Approved courses. All summer school courses at Fairmont Prep Academy will be conducted through remote learning to ensure the safety of our students and faculty.  Remote courses include instructional presentations, informative videos, online texts, interactive assignments, engaging discussions, and timely, personalized feedback from our specially trained teacher.




Campus Locations

Fairmont Summer Programs has FIVE locations in Orange County.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Dates & Pricing

Full Session (Semester 1 & 2)

June 22 – July 30, 2020 (6 weeks)
$1020 +$60 Class Materials Fee

Receive 10 credits = full school year of curriculum

Courses available to the public and all fairmont students including San Juan Capistrano

Semester 1 Only

June 22 – July 9, 2020 (3 weeks)
$510 + $30 Class Materials Fee

Receive 5 credits = first semester of curriculum

Courses available to the public and all fairmont students including San Juan Capistrano

Semester 2 Only

July 13 – July 30, 2020 (3 weeks)
$510 + $30 Class Materials Fee

Receive 5 credits = second semester of curriculum

Courses available to the public and all fairmont students including San Juan Capistrano

Summer 2020 Schedule

*NEW*Classes will be held Monday through Friday and feature a variety of platforms. Students will have online individual meetings with instructors and independent work on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will consist of live, online class instruction from teachers. On Friday, students will sign-in to Fairmont’s online Learning Management System to complete the remainder of their coursework each week.


SUBJECT AM Session (9:00am – 12:00pm) PM Session (1:00pm – 4:00pm)

Algebra II/Trig CP

Pre-Calculus (H)

Algebra I CP

Geometry CP

Pre-Calculus CP


Biology CP

Chemistry CP,

Chemistry (H)

Biology CP

Physics CP

Social Science

Economics (3-week course)

US History CP

World History


 US Government

 US History CP


Spanish I CP

Spanish II CP

Spanish III CP 

Fine Arts Beginning Digital Multimedia CP

English I (credit recovery only)

English II (credit recovery only)

English III (credit recovery only)

English IV (credit recovery only)

Other Courses

Health (3-week course)

Strategies for Success (3-week course)

Health (3- week course)

*NEW* Sociology (3-week course, semester 1)

*NEW* CA Personal Finance (3-week course, semester 1)

*NEW* Intro to Social Media (3-week course, semester 2)

*NEW* Social Issues (3-week course, semester 2)







Course Descriptions

Click on a course for more information


This course is a comprehensive start to high school mathematics. It presents basic properties involving numbers, variables, and equations. Simplifying rational expressions and solving equations are covered as well as exposure to inequalities, polynomials, graphing linear equations, factoring, solving linear systems, functions, exponents and radicals. Problem solving applications are stressed.
This is a course in intermediate Algebra that includes reinforcement of topics covered in Algebra I , such as solving equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations and solving linear systems of equations. The course extends to functions, complex numbers, quadratic equations, polynomials, conic sections, exponential equations, logarithmic equations, trigonometric functions, graphing trigonometric functions and proving trigonometric identities. Graphing calculators are introduced.
This is a traditional course in Euclidean geometry that includes an introduction to proofs, deductive logic, basic geometric concepts, and applications to area and volume problems. Axioms involving angles, triangles, polygons, circles, and inequalities are presented.
The course covers traditional pre-calculus topics including linear and quadratic functions, polynomial and rational functions, trigonometry, trigonometric identities and equations, conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions, and an introduction to calculus.
This is a pre-calculus course that prepares students for AP calculus. The course covers traditional pre-calculus topics including linear and quadratic functions, polynomial and rational functions, trigonometry, trigonometric identities and equations, the conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions, and an introduction to calculus. An emphasis is placed on higher level thinking in addition to the mastering of basic skills.


This course provides a broad overview of the major areas of biology. Topics covered include basic chemistry, organization and functions of cells, cellular respiration and metabolism, photosynthesis, organ systems function and structure, botany, reproduction and development, genetics, evolution and diversity and ecology. Students are evaluated by their performance on tests, labs and homework. Each student also performs 15-20 lab exercises that require some type of formal or informal lab report.
The Biology (H) course is designed to give students a detailed understanding of the concepts that lead to success in other advanced courses such as AP Biology and AP Environmental Science. It covers cell biology, cell structure and cell function, biochemistry of macro-molecules, the five kingdoms and plants.
This course will cover those concepts that will allow the student to have a basic understanding of chemistry. The course of study will include stoichiometry, atomic theory, bonding, descriptive chemistry, the periodic table, simple chemical reactions, thermochemistry and states of matter. The class will include an extensive hands-on program that allows students to “see” the concepts covered.
This course covers all the major areas of chemistry to enable students to take the SAT Subject Exam and as preparation for AP Chemistry and AP Biology. It covers reactions, bonding theory, atomic theory, periodic law, stoichiometry, gas, acids and bases, kinetics equilibrium and oxidation and reduction.
This course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of basic topics and concepts in physics. All material covered on the SAT Subject Exam is covered in this course. This course addresses physics from a more conceptual, rather than problem-solving approach. The course of study includes mechanics, fluids, wave motion, and light (optics), and electricity and magnetism.

Social Science

The histories, cultures and religions of the world are studied, fostering and understanding of the underlying similarities among all human beings. The course highlights the nature of change in an international framework by comparing the historical development of major societies. Students will develop reading and critical thinking skills and strengthen their writing skills through a variety of writing assignments and projects.
Students examine the main elements of the American experience: starting with the Progressive Era, transformation of the nation towards industrialism, the changing nature of business and government, through the development of twentieth century America to the present. Historical analysis and essay writing are important features of this course.
This course is a study of people, places and environment from a physical and cultural perspective. Through a variety of classroom activities, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the interdependent world in which they live. Students will analyze and evaluate the connection between their local and global communities. The course will emphasize the practical and responsible application of geography to life situations. The purpose of the World Geography course is to prepare young people to become knowledgeable citizens of a diverse, global society. After mastering the competencies in this course, students will have knowledge of the various regions and cultures and be able to interpret maps, analyze cultures and assess geographical information from a multicultural perspective.
Students examine the main elements of the American experience: colonial life, the Revolution, the constitutional system, the development of capitalism and democracy, Civil War, the impact of the frontier, the changing nature of business and government, and the development of 20th century America. Major Supreme Court cases are investigated and analyzed. Historical analysis and essay writing are important features of this course.
This course expands students’ understanding of economic problems of national and world institutions. Students are encouraged to make reasoned decisions on economic issues as citizens, workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and members of civic groups. It combines a grounding in economic principle and theory with realistic scenarios and current events. Emphasis is given to the application of course content to case studies and the role and impact of government in economics.


Key to any successful high school English class is the ability to write with clarity and coherence. The goal of the Freshman English program is to instill in students a set of fundamental writing skills that run the gamut of styles, from responses to literature to research based papers. Though literature and critical reading will continue to be key to the design and style of the class, these elements will serve to supplement and enhance the writing styles taught in class rather than be the focus, as they are from tenth through twelfth grade. Students will still read and analyze core literature texts, but the class will focus on the fundamentals of writing, from basic paragraph structure, grammatical functions, MLA and APA documentation, and beyond.
This course focuses on British literature from early Anglo-Saxon traditions to contemporary Anglo-Indian and other Anglo-Asian writers. Students study literature in the context of the social climate and history of the time and focus on the overall development of the English language. Students continue to hone skills of literary analysis and analytical and creative writing. Oral work is also an integral part of this course. Skills from English I are refined, and there is a continued emphasis on vocabulary study.
This course focuses on American Literature and presents works reflecting the changing ideas, social climate, and cultures of this nation. Students examine key themes of the American experience such as: the promise of the frontier, freedom and slavery, the possibilities and problems of self- definition, and the meaning of success. Students will study American literature spanning early Native American writers through contemporary authors. Skills from English I and II are refined, and continued vocabulary study prepares students for SAT testing. The literary portfolio continues to be a focus for writing. Oral assessment is an integral part of this course.
English IV CP is a year-long literature course with an added emphasis on academic writing. Students will explore a variety of literary genres while sharpening their writing skills and finding their unique voice. Students will create complex literary analysis, conduct research and write both fiction and nonfiction with a variety of patterns of development.

World Languages

Spanish I This course introduces Spanish communication skills. It provides the students with a vocabulary that reflects daily contact with the world around them. Students are introduced to basic grammatical structures, which they are expected to master. They also practice essential verb structures to express themselves both orally and in written form. In addition, students are provided ample practice in pronunciation, listening and conversation. Awareness of Hispanic culture is stressed. Spanish II This course expands on the foundations learned in Spanish I. It includes a review of basic grammar and an introduction to more complex constructions, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. An emphasis is placed on reading and listening comprehensions, with activities designed to teach language in authentic contexts. Students strengthen their writing skills and improve on their speaking skills through regular classroom practice. Students will further their understanding of the diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

Visual and Performing Arts

This course is designed to introduce students to the art of film making through the use of digital tools and by exploring the skills and practices of the professionals who govern this art form. Students will take part in activities, projects, and assignments which will acquaint them with the specific duties of actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, cinematographers, editors, and sound and lighting technicians. Most importantly, the students will explore the creative process and energy that goes into making any type of film, whether amateur or professional in nature.

Other Courses

This course makes students aware of how to live healthy lives. This course provides for character-shaping and focuses on a positive self-image. It outlines the methods of exercise, diet and fitness to reach personal health goals. The course also examines interpersonal relationships and how they affect our lives as well as the dangers of drugs and disease. It also covers methods of preventing of health-threatening problems.
This course explores learning strategies for success including academic, intrapersonal and interpersonal skill sets. The course is designed to emphasize and teach the benefits of a multi-dimensional high school experience, to promote self-esteem, and to encourage responsibility. The course will examine essential academic competencies, social networking protocols, the impact of body language in personal and public speech, and an introduction to emotional intelligence. This is a project-driven, interactive course, and student interaction and participation are of prime importance.

General Information

WASC Accreditation
Yes! All Fairmont Private School campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC accredits over 4,500 public, independent, church-related, and private schools from preschools to universities. The WASC accreditation process fosters excellence in elementary, secondary, and higher education by encouraging school improvement. WASC accreditation recognizes schools that meet an acceptable level of quality, in accordance with established, research-based WASC criteria.
Using Courses for Advancement or Credit Recovery

All courses are UC-Approved, however they are not all guaranteed to transfer credit for advancement or credit recovery.  All public and private schools have different requirements.  Before enrolling, please speak with your school counselor to confirm that your courses will transfer.  Only your current school counselor will be able to determine which classes are right for you to meet your academic objectives.

Refund Policy

Fairmont’s refund policy is as follows: Fairmont Summer Programs will issue a refund prior to June 10 for any changes in your summer schedule after deducting cancellation fees. After June 10, no refunds will be granted. Please contact the Summer Programs Team to inquire about a refund:

After June 10: No refunds will be granted.  This includes any drops or withdrawals once the class has begun.

Drops, Withdrawals & Adds Policy

Fairmont Summer Program Drop, Withdraw, and Add schedule is as follows: Adds – To add a course, students must be enrolled by the second day of the semester: Wednesday June 24 or July 15 to comply with summer absence policy (ONE absence allowed per semester). Drops – Students can drop a class with no grade penalty during the first week of the semester: Thursday June 25 or July 16. Withdrawals – Students may withdraw from a class with a W from week 2-3 of the course. After the third week, students will no longer be able to receive a W and will receive the grade earned in that course. You must complete a Summer Change Form provided by the teacher to complete the drop. If the form is not completed and signed, you will remain in the program.
Please note: Fairmont’s refund policy applies to all drops and withdrawals– No refunds are granted after June 10.

Audit Courses

Students may take a course for audit if they wish to not receive a letter grade in the course.  All classes taken for audit will receive an AU for their grade. If you’re planning to take a class for Audit, please notify the teacher within the first two days of the class. You will complete a Summer Change Form provided by the teacher to Audit the course. Audits should be made by Wednesday June 24 or July 15.

Students who attend summer school are permitted one absence per semester, for any reason. Students will receive no credit for the course if s/he accumulates more than one absence per semester. Please notify the teacher if you are aware of any pre-planned missed dates.
Requesting Transcripts
Transcripts are only available upon request online. Please use the following link to submit your transcript request: Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
For student and parent convenience, we have bundled all online textbooks and/or e-learning materials with the online classes, so there is no further need to purchase additional e-books or materials.
Educational Technology
Fairmont’s summer classes utilize innovative technologies that greatly enhance the student learning experience.  To optimize the experience, students are required to use a mobile device, such as an iPad (recommended) or laptop computer.
Summer Dress Code

We want all students to be comfortable in class. Clothing should be neat, clean, and fit properly. No clothing that advertises or promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, weapons or tobacco may be worn. No clothing that is provocative, revealing, or tight- fitting should be worn. Please also avoid wearing clothing with inappropriate wording. Closed toe shoes only. You will be provided additional dress code information in the Student Guidelines handout on the first day.

Summer Lunch Offerings

Hot lunches are available for purchase and can be ordered daily or in advance at a cost of $10.00 per day.


PREP MENU – June 2019

PREP MENU – July 2019


Transportation Offerings

Fairmont will be offering limited bus transportation to the Historic Anaheim and Prep Academy campuses.

Click here for our Summer 2019 Transportation Schedule.