What does it take to be a Camp Counselor? 










Ability to have enormous amounts of FUN!

Calling all Rockstars!

Come join us for a fantastic Summer at Fairmont! You will build leadership and cooperation skills as you lead a group of campers in day to day camp activities and attend Friday Field Trips. We accept only the best of the best- you must be a caring and positive leader, have amazing customer service skills, work well with others, have a creative and open mind and be flexible with change.

If you have a superpower, we want to know about it! We are always looking for lifeguards, art, science and sports specialty counselors to join us during the summer.

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The Fine Print:

  • Camp Counselors responsibilities begin from June 5, 2020 through August 7, 2020.
  • Mandatory staff training dates are June 5, 13, & 26.  All staff (new and returning) must be available for these dates.
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification is preferred.

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Staff Testimonials

Working at Fairmont Summer Camp is an amazing experience. I love being able to spend time with the children and to be able to see their smiles grow throughout the program. It’s a blessing to be able to work with these bright kids, and I love all the friends I get to make along the way!

Summer Camp Counselor

Over the course of 3 summers with Fairmont Summer Camps, I’ve had some of the most unforgettable moments I could ever have  hoped to live. I’ve taught students how to write Haiku poems, painted with them, made crafts, and purposefully lost at various games. I’ve been a LARPer in activities like live action board games and, oh yes, Quidditch!!! I’ve worked with some amazing people that I am so lucky to call friends. I’ve worked for even more incredible directors who really lead with a heart of serving our students’ needs first! But, the most important bosses have been the students and the parents! They were truly the most incredible people to work for in my time as a Camp Counselor. Partnering with parents in bringing joy to their student’s lives and introducing them to new things like GAGA ball is beyond an honor.

And here is the part that will never leave my memory, no matter how far along in life I get. The opportunity to experience the fact that joy is a universal concept. Being a part of mentoring and developing international students with language barriers was nothing short of a challenge. However, it was a feat easily overcome by just one simple fact: FUN!!! Having fun is something Fairmont does well, and man it has such a power to unite beyond the barriers of Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and English. Watching students have their first moments with their toes in the wet beach sand, and digging sand castles that rival the Sistine Chapel, leaves you in awe of the fact that you get to be a part of it, and moreover you’re actually paid to be a part of it! Fairmont Summer Programs is an experience like no other, for the students, for the parent, and for the staff alike!


Summer Camp Counselor

Working with Fairmont Summer Programs has been an amazing experience for me. I have been working with Fairmont Summer Programs for a little over 10 years now and  have worked in many different areas and learned a lot. When I started I was a counselor, not  really knowing what it was going to be like. As a kid I grew up going to a day camp and always thought the counselors were awesome. I learned how to handle different situations and was made a ton of friends along the way. The kids were amazing and made this new job worth while. After a couple years of that, I had the opportunity to be a Specialty Counselor. I worked as the Art Counselor and the Sports Counselor. This was definitely hard, but also very rewarding. Now I am the Assistant Camp Director for the HAC Campus. In this position I have been able to help out the new and old counselors with whatever they need. I have worked with so many amazing people and have enjoyed every moment of it.

Summer Camp Counselor

As both a camp counselor and a parent, Fairmont Summer Camp holds a dear place in my heart. It offers a safe environment for learning without the pressure of grades and deadlines, which means that kids can focus more on their interactions with others kids and learn to be part of a team. I consider myself very lucky to have witnessed kids experiencing and growing from the exciting activities on campus and fun field trips every summer. I have seen shy kids make new friends, I have seen nervous kids enthusiastically try new things, and I have seen followers become amiable leaders. Fairmont Summer Camp is truly a place where learning is synonymous with adventure, and it’s an awesome way to create lasting memories.

Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camp has been a life changer for me. Each summer I have the amazing opportunity to be a part of a team and a family. Between the staff and the campers, together we have made endless memories and awesome bonds. Every year I get to meet new people, play fun games, and make an impact on these kid’s lives. Being at camp is so rewarding and I hope everyone can experience the benefits of Fairmont Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Counselor

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to work as a Counselor?
You must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of camp. High school diploma required.  One or more years of college is preferred.
What are the job requirements?
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma required, one or more years of college preferred
  • Experience as a camper, or working with children as a leader or assistant leader
  • A basic understanding of children and the ability to develop an up-beat and positive relationship with them
  • A current CPR and First Aid Card is preferred
  • Be able to provide sound, caring and positive leadership for children
  • Provide extraordinary customer service to parents, campers, and vendors
  • Be able to recognize and implement safety standards in all program activities
  • Be able to participate effectively with other staff in planning and implementing creative and fun camp activities
  • Communicate positively with parents and Fairmont employees when needed
  • Attend all required training and team meetings
What are the terms and salary?
  • Hours and schedules are contingent upon enrollment from week to week.
  • Summer Camp Counselor responsibilities begin June 5, 2020 and continue through August 7, 2020
  • Returning & new Camp Counselor’s must attend a MANDATORY staff training on these three dates:
  1. Friday, June 5
  2. Saturday, June 13
  3. Friday Evening, June 26
  • Mandatory Staff Meetings will be held throughout the summer
  • Starting Summer Camp Counselor salary is $13.00/hour
Do I get time off?
• July 4th – paid holiday.
• “On the job” hours may vary depending on position or shift, but staff should be available 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
• Employee agrees to a paid on-duty meal period on specified field trip days. The employee understands that either the employee or Fairmont Schools may revoke this agreement at any time by providing written notice of the decision to do so.
What are the duties and responsibilities of a Counselor?
1. Responsible for a total of 8-10 campers at a time. Grades ranging from Kindergarten-8th grade (5-13 years old).
2. Assumes responsibility for leadership and guidance to those campers in daily activities,
with special attention to:
a. Safety & manners
b. Camper personal interactions with respect of others
c. Camper participation in all camp activities
d. Camper personal growth, self-confidence and independence
3. Participates in the planning and participation of camp activities including games, sing-a-longs, skits, and other related activities
4. Takes responsibility for living by the camp rules while enforcing the rules, policies, and traditions of the camp experience
5. Maintains a positive attitude while serving as a good role model to campers in personal language, appearance, and manners
6. Puts campers needs before their own, making each camper feel like the most important child in the world
7. Assumes responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the campers entrusted